VladElena Studios on air!

Welcome to our newly opened website. There is still much to be done, but a start has been made. And the beginning is not bad. The pages of our site are still quite quiet, there are not a large number of blog posts, heaps of images in the gallery, but we are at the very beginning of our journey. Soon a portfolio section will appear, in which there will be our first works. Then more and more …
We believe that soon there will be people who are not indifferent to our work, for which we work.
Firstly, the development of content for Unreal Engine 4. High-quality content that can be used in game development, creating animated films, and so on.
Secondly — the development of their own games both for mobile platforms and for desktop. At the moment, a game is being developed for the Android platform. In the coming months, she will see the light (follow the news on this site, as well as subscribe to Facebook and Twitter).
Thirdly, the creation of animated films. This item is so far only in the plans for the future, but we will definitely take up its implementation by the end of the year.
In general, we wish all of us fruitful cooperation! VladElena Studios on the air!

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