We are a creative team

We work in a wide variety of development areas - from low-poly modeling to creating rich games.

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The appearance of each element is very important for us, and the compatibility of the design of the elements with each other is also important.


It is very important for us to achieve maximum performance in games with beautiful visualization.


All our programs should have maximum performance and code quality.

What is VladElena Studios

We are still a small but ambitious team of like-minded people who have come together to make the world a little better by creating high-quality content in the fields of design, graphics and computer games. In addition, we have other ideas that will be implemented as far as possible. Moreover, some of these ideas will probably become the main activities of our team. To receive news about us, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter. Or write to us through a special form at the bottom of the page.

Beauty & Delight.

Even in a low-poly design there should be its own beauty, fine lines, a combination of colors. All elements of the scene are placed in strictly defined places.

Perfection of forms

Whether it is a coffee cup, or an example of medieval architecture for visualization, or objects for real-time graphics, the main task is perfection.


A beautiful game should be beautiful on all platforms - this is our main idea that we promote in our products.

Used technologies

We use only free software and open source software.
This is our ongoing policy